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Natural.PT brand


What is the brand Natural.PT?

The Natural.PT brand is a national government strategy whose implementation is carried out by the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas IP (ICNF) (Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests), which aims to distinguish and promote what differentiates Portugal, with regard to the products and services produced In the Protected Areas of mainland Portugal, which are compatible with the principles of sustainability and nature conservation. Natural.PT is thus an integrated bet on the endogenous resources, biodiversity and Portuguese culture associated with the Portuguese culture related to the exceptional national natural heritage, valuing the quality identity products and the traditional and authentic activities and knowledge of Portugal.


What is the geographic scope of the Natural.PT brand?

The Natural.PT brand applies to the territory of the Protected Areas in Portugal mainland or to the municipalities covered by them, depending on the products and services we are considering. Areas with other protection statuses that do not coincide with the aforementioned territories are not, in this first phase, covered by the Natural.PT brand.

Counties covered by the brand (in alphabetical order):

A - Alcácer do Sal, Alcanena, Alcobaça, Alcochete, Alenquer, Alijó, Aljezur, Almada, Arcos de Valdevez, Arganil, Arronches, Aveiro;

B - Benavente, Bragança;

- Cadaval, Caldas da Rainha, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Cascais, Castelo Branco, Castelo de Vide, Castro Marim, Celorico da Beira, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova, Coruche, Covilhã;

E - Esposende;

F - Faro, Figueira da Foz, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Freixo de Espada à Cinta;

- Golegã, Gouveia, Grândola, Guarda;

- Idanha-a-Nova;

- Loulé;

M - Macedo de Cavaleiros, Manteigas, Marvão, Melgaço, Mértola, Miranda do Douro, Mirandela, Mogadouro, Mondim de Basto, Montalegre, Montemor-o-Velho, Murça;

N - Nisa;

O - Odemira, Olhão, Ourém;

P - Palmela, Paredes de Coura, Penamacor, Peniche, Pinhel, Ponte da Barca, Ponte de Lima, Portalegre, Porto de Mós;

R - Rio Maior;

- Sabugal, Santarém, Santiago do Cacém, Seia, Serpa, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Sines, Sintra;

- Tavira, Terras de Bouro, Torres Novas;

- Vila do Bispo, Vila do Conde, Vila Flor, Vila Franca de Xira, Vila Nova de Gaia, Vila Real, Vila Real de Sto. António, Vila Velha de Rodão, Vinhais.

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What are the Natural.PT Products and Services?

The brand applies to products and services within the following categories:

• Tourist animation,

• Accommodation,

• Restoration,

• Spaces of sale,

• Processed and unprocessed food (*),

• Non-food handmade products,

• Immaterial identity products,

• Research / knowledge projects (*),

• Materials with didactic-pedagogical content (*),

• Projects of local entities / Territory.


To the Products and Services with (*), the areas covered by the Protected Areas are considered as Natural.PT territory.

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Be a part of the Natural.PT brand


Who can be a part of the Natural.PT brand?

Public and private entities, with products and services produced, obtained, manufactured or provided in the National Network of Protected Areas of mainland Portugal or in their environment (depending on the Product / Service), duly licensed, that comply with the Natural.PT The conditions and the requirements of adhesion to Natural.PT and to be included in the categories mentioned in "What Products and Services of Natural.PT brand" can belong to the Natural.PT brand.

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What are the advantages of being part of the Natural.PT brand?

The entities that join the Natural.PT brand will benefit from several advantages, of which we can highlight:

• Be a member of a national network of adherent entities that work together and commit themselves to the promotion and dissemination of all partners of the Natural.PT brand;

• The presence and dissemination of products / services in promotional material and national and international events of the brand Natural.PT;

• Integration into the Natural.PT brand portal, mobile applications, social networks associated with the brand and search mechanisms available to consumers.


Is there a Natural.PT Regulation?

Yes. See Regulation (in Portuguese)


What is the cost of joining the Natural.PT brand?

At the moment there are no costs associated with the process of joining the Natural.PT brand.


How can I be part of the brand Natural.PT?

In case your product (s) / service(s) meet the transversal and sectorial requirements established in the Natural.PT brand regulation, and after having informed about our brand, you will be able to submit its candidature to Natural.PT.

• The application for membership is made through our portal, in the space Marca / Aderentes-Form of adhesion

• Begin by doing the Entity Registration (step 1)

• Next, the Product / Service Register (Step 2), always registering for each product / service.

• Within 45 days, you will receive a response on the acceptance of the adhesion, and may follow your process online.



Visit the Protected Areas


What are Protected Areas?

Protected areas are terrestrial, inland aquatic or marine areas in which biodiversity or other natural occurrences have, by their rarity, scientific, ecological, social or scenic value, a particular relevance that requires specific conservation and management measures, with the objective of To promote the rational management of natural resources and the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage, regulating artificial interventions that may degrade them.

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National Network of Protected Areas in Portugal mainland 

There are currently 47 protected areas in the Portuguese mainland, between national parks (1) parks and nature reserves and protected landscapes, national, regional or local, and natural monuments. In this portal you can find detailed information about each of them. We suggest you start your discovery from the homepage map.

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Where can I find information to plan a visit to the Protected Areas?

In this website you can find different information about the Protected Areas you want to visit, simply by accessing the page of each Area through the map of the homepage, to which are associated filters that can be very useful in planning your (such as routes, points of interest, monumental trees, geossites, visitation equipment, among others). By accessing the Area pages you can also find other information on natural heritage, tips and suggestions for visits throughout the year, contacts, weather conditions on the site and other areas of interest to visit in the immediate vicinity.

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