Benefits of Joining

Benefits of joining:

    Joining the brand Natural.PT means:

    • Belonging to a network of territories and excellence activities, with a combined and coherent promotional strategy;

    • Being part of a network of organizations that work together and are committed to the promotion and dissemination of all brand partners;

    • Being part of a set of exception entities associated with the appreciation and enjoyment of local resources and protected areas;

    • Taking responsible action to conduct the environmental and socio-economic point of view, sharing the values of the brand;

    • To be promoted and publicized as entity / product / service Natural.PT in national and international events where the brand is present.


    The entity that joins the brand with their products / services will benefit from:

    • Presence and disclosure in promotional materials and events Natural.PT brand;

    • Integration of the brand portal, applications for mobile devices, social networks associated with the brand and search engines available to consumers; and

    • Cross promotion, particularly with the disclosure and referral of consumers to Natural.PT partners.

    How is the brand managed?

    According to the Regulamento da Estrutura de Gestão da Marca Natural.PT (Regulation Management Structure of the Natural.PT Brand), management and monitoring is assured by the Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas - ICNF, I.P (Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry), through the Grupo de Trabalho para a Coordenação da Marca (Working Group on Brand Coordination) (GT), with the support of Plataformas Locais de Operacionalização e Gestão (Local Platforms of Operationalization and Management) (PLOG), which integrate several entities with activities in the municipalities of Protected Areas at the invitation of ICNF. Among these entities are included the municipalities, the local development associations and other associations, the Regional Tourism Entities and Local and Regional brands, already implemented in the territory, among others, that may also be invited.

    Plataformas Locais de Operacionalização e Gestão - PLOG - July 3rd 2015