Target Audience

Eligible for territorial scope

All entities, public and private, that are properly licensed and that develop their activity related to the identified types (tourist entertainment activities, accommodation, restaurants, products sales areas, food products, non-food craft products, identity intangible products, research projects, teaching and pedagogical materials, projects of local government) who commit themselves to the values of Natural.PT, fulfilling the conditions / set membership requirements. Can join the brand entities in the territory of a protected area or in the municipalities covered by it, depending on the product / service they are applying. 

Note: membership and use of the brand is always associated with a responsible entity, space, specific product or service that will be evaluated and may not be used in other activities sponsored by the participating entity that has not undergone the application process to join the Natural .PT.

Eligible for thematic scope

The brand applies to products and services in the categories mentioned below and that are produced, obtained, manufactured or supplied in the protected areas of Portugal (only in the mainland) and / or in their field of socio-economic influence.