• This river/creek borns in the hills of Caldeirão and flows into the Guadiana river having much of its course in Algarve interior hills. It has intermittent regime, runs hard road (69 km) between 550 m altitude in the east of  Cerro do Zebro (Salir) and the point where it joins the Guadiana river(alt. 10 m). Based on shale and greywacke, Vascão basin is habitat for a wide variety of species, being considered of great importance in the preservation of fish populations, amphibian and reptiles, birds and mammals. Vascão riparian galleries provide places of refuge, feeding and nesting, to many resident and migratory species of birds and are used by many carnivores.

    Been a river without artificial interruptions, Vascão supports high concentrations of threatened species of freshwater fish such as Saramugo and Boga-do-guadiana and migrants as European Eel and Lamprey. The site 'Ribeira Vascão' was included in the wetlands list of the 'Ramsar Convention'.

    Great concentrations of resident and migratory birds can be seen, like the Long-tailed Tit, the Northern Wheatear and Eurasian Wryneck. Among the birds of prey are the Eurasian Eagle-owl, the Golden Eagle and the Bonelli's Eagle. In terms of flora are referenced unique and endemic species such as Centaurea crocata, the Snapdragon Antirrhinum majus among others, what makes this place a wildlife sanctuary.

    The human presence is old (dolmens of Perda do Alagar  and Afonso Vicente, Arab village of Cerro das Relíquias). Dozens of milling units, today in ruin, prove the recent occupation.

  • Alentejo

  • Mértola

  • Vale do Guadiana Nature Park

  • Yes

  • On N122 (IC27) direction Algarve, after crossing a bridge, there is a dirt road on the right side not ease to see, so pay attention. You can park the car and walk to the river and rest there in the shade of eucalyptus  (GPS:  37.517647, -7.579219).

  • Natura 2000 (SIC Guadiana – PTCON0036) and Ramsar Site

  • Natural

  • Tributary of the Guadiana river south of Mértola.

  • Public

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